“What matters is how quickly

 you do what your soul directs.

                    – Rumi

The techniques outlined in the PDFs below are highly effective self-transformation tools that you can utilize to clearing limiting fears, pain, stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and other patterns that may be ready for your release in your evolutionary process. By courageously facing and resolving our pain and fear we aide in the the collective healing of humanity and the planet. The more that we raise our consciousness we serve the great awakening of our species to alignment with Source. If enough humans choose to fundamental heal and change we can permanently shift our collective paradigm to assure a bright, healthy, peaceful and  joy-filled future for our children, future generations, humanity and the planet. 

Fear Facing &
Clearing Technique

8 pages

Who Is It That?

Clearing Technique

13 pages

Forgive & Forget

Pressure Point

3 pages

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