“What matters is how quickly

 you do what your soul directs.

                    – Rumi

Choosing to live by the virtues and principles that are at the core of the WSS’s vision and mission is a powerful way to contribute.


Doing this automatically makes you a WSS member, since you are living the change you want to see in the world.


If you have your own creative ideas about other ways to get involved, then please do reach out to us and be a part of the process.


We are always open to your input and contributions in whatever ways serve the highest and best good of all.


Thank you for holding positive vision and conscious intention with us for this essential grassroots global service movement.

Weekly WSS Group Meditation,

Intention Setting,

Visualization & 

World Service Events

One profound way that you can get directly involved today is to look withinto see all of humanity reflected in your humanity, and to see the collective Soul and its Love and Wisdom reflected in your Soul.


You have probably heard the sayings, “Think globally, act locally”, and “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And that said, the depth, profundity and implications of these statements are easy to say and difficult to put into practice.

The global transformation that the WSS is facilitating is happening from the ground up, from the inside out, and from the individual to the collective. In short, by transforming ourselves and consciously wielding our sovereign power of freewill choice, and by consciously managing our mental focus, emotions and actions we become a powerful force of immense good in this world.

Imagine a world where all of humanity chose to focus on the good in all, on the love in everyone’s heart, and willfully and immediately forgave everyone and everything?  What would occur if we collectively held positive vision for the highest possible outcome for all instead of fearfully and unconsciously focusing on what we do not want to have happen?  

Simply put, by having the courage to fundamentally change ourselves, we change the world. By living as an embodied example of, and modeling the WSS principles we are able to uplift and inspire those around us and to help them see they have the same choice that we do, to be the change.  

Everything in our world is fundamentally made of energy. Thoughts and emotions affect everything, they travel, they have impact, they seemingly take on a life of their own, and they matter.


The view that we hold of ourselves, each other, and of the world are profoundly significant. If we perceive others, humanity and the world as flawed, bad, wrong and unworthy, how does this effect our inspiration to collaborate and to feel good about working together for the good of all?


Human choice, attitude, focus, and intention are major factors in determining our personal and collective future.  

If you would like to get involved in this process, there are weekly WSS group intention setting and visualization sessions. There are also educational resources on the Get Informed section of this website as well as personal transformation tools in the Spiritual Resources section at the bottom of this page.


In addition to these, any amount of further growth, leading to actualizing your human potential will serve you, the WSS and humanity greatly.


Proactive, positive, systemic global change is catalyzed by the transformation within each of us. Thank you.  

Here you have access to various self healing methods, and an archive of various guided meditations that you can utilize if interested.  

We hope you enjoy this slide show that encapsulates a bit of the spirit that inspires us and of what becomes possible when we come together to collaborate in service to the common good of all.  

(The slides move at 10 seconds if this is too fast you can click on the slide show to enlarge it and to go through it at your own pace.)

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