“The best way to find

yourself is to lose yourself

in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

This is a short and inspirational communication designed to show what is possible when all human beings learn to own their inalienable conscious sovereign free will power to choose. In all moments of our lives we have the power of free-will choice.  We can in every moment choose inspiration and service rather than fear or despair. Everything becomes possible for humanity when we choose love over fear, inspiration over procrastination, collaboration rather than competition.  We can choose constructive change and healthy global transformation rather than continuing the status-quo. The impossible is now possible. Now is the time to unite in unified vision, intention and action! 


Can you imagine a safe and nurturing place where all dimensions of your being are welcome and where you can learn, grow, collaborate and contribute to positive global change? A place where you can come and go as you please and learn and contribute at whatever pace and manner you choose? That is what the WSS is and provides. It is a safe and supported place of cultivated, harnessed, harmonized, coordinated and synchronized open-source and crowd-sourced positive collaborative creativity. The WSS actualizes each individual's potential personally and collectively. It is a place of empowerment, teamwork, inspiration, hope, service and unified action. It is a place where you can come to focus entirely on creating what you DO want in your life and in the world and thus leaving behind whatever you don't want in your life and in the world. 

Only you know what would be most fulfilling for you to create in this present moment, and still you can accomplish these heartfelt goals more effectively by collaborating with others who are of like mind and intention. The WSS is a grass roots organization that unifies the positive intention of men and women of goodwill all over the world. In order to help people come together in an evolutionary environment and developmental crucible that is not defined or root bound by monetary motive, competition, political bias or any separative mentality. It is a way for humanity to truly work together in all the ways we can for the benefit of all. It is a way to tap into and harness all of the immense altruistic and awesome humanitarian potential and profound positive creativity that lies within the heart, mind, body and spirit of every human being from every nation and culture.


It belongs to everyone and is the direct expression of human soul. It is a collective vehicle and bridge to take all human beings and all of humanity, and our natural world from where we are currently to a bright, viable, sustainable, thriving and peaceful future. The WSS has the capacity as it grows and evolves to facilitate the repurposing of any of the worlds current systems in any way that facilitates the optimal and wise distribution and utilization of the world’s resources. This will be accomplished for the benefit of everyone in the world and for the planet itself equally. 


World peace is not a utopian ideal, it is in fact an absolutely necessary and achievable goal. It is the most wise and sagacious goal we could possibly work toward and achieve as a species. It is a requirement if we want to work together as species, and to move from competition to cooperation, and to learn to use our global resources optimally, and to remain viable as a species and therefore truly consciously thrive rather than to operate from primal fear for our survival. 

We can and will achieve this together, please trust that nothing can stop the power of aligned positive conscious intention.  This will all occur as a result of your heartfelt efforts, contributions and honorable intentions. The future generations and our natural world need all of us to choose to act decisively, and to do so now.


Thank you for working with World Systems Solutions to make the seemingly impossible ...possible. 

World Systems Solutions

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