Meet our initial Launch Team below. These are a few  of the people who have served to get World Systems Solutions off the ground. We now have our Board of Directors formed and their bios will be here soon also. In addition we have a 40+ person growing WSS Facilitator Team and even larger WSS Support Team that are helping to bring the WSS Vision and Mission to life. On-going gratitude to all WSS team members, contributors, participants and donors now and in the future who are making all of this possible.


If you or anyone you know has significant resources or network connections that you feel are crucial to the evolution and success of the WSS, we encourage you to engage directly with our WSS Team of Teams.


We would be grateful to connect with you, answer all your questions and to collaborate in the spirit of love, inspiration and service to humanity. To contact us directly please fill out our collaboration form and  or email the WSS Orientation Team at


Founder and primary architect of the WSS initiative, content creator and spiritual compass.


Core team member, WSS Facilitator, content curation, website design, editing, network organizing, fundraising and outreach. 


Team systems facilitation, copy writing and editing, operations management and administration.


Multimedia and video scriptwriting, direction, editing and production.


Information systems architecture, graphic design, holarchic research

and synthesis. 


Creative visionary and visual artist, wisdom curation and content advisor.

Counselor, empath, and author of two books on spiritual development and healing, John has also spent 14 years as an information systems programmer, database designer, network administrator, business analyst, project manager, and researcher in organizational change.

Intuitive, educator, life coach, meditation teacher and instructor in multiple spiritual disciplines. Logan has been facilitating self-transformation, healing and empowerment work and teaching full-time for 11 years and currently has clients in 15 different countries. His life and work are dedicated to the healing and inspiration of humanity and the planet through the education, empowerment and enlightenment of the individual. 

Amie has spent over 20 years in corporate management, coaching and mentoring teams and individuals. With an MBA from the University of California Davis, she is currently an education consultant, life coach, yoga teacher and meditation and mindfulness facilitator

Justin is a prolific content creator and has worked for ten years as a video producer, director and editor. He has created numerous short and long-form videos on spiritual sciences for the web and directed the award winning documentary Vibration: The Symphony of Life. 

Jeff earned a BA from the University of Michigan and brings 20 years of experience working in the fields of futures research, digital publishing, graphic design, consulting and 10 years as a software architect. He has pursued a lifelong interest in the synthesis of science and spirit, paradigmatic change and global citizenship.

Duane is a practitioner of Kriya yoga and has studied ageless wisdom traditions and been a spiritual teacher for over 45 years. He has authored treatises on Dynamic Symbols as the higher languages of color and light. He holds 3 patents on light technology devices used for spiritual alignment and assessment with color.

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