“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

                   – Margaret Mead

Evolve or Self-Destruct, 

This is the story of the millennium...


What will humanity choose?

What will you choose?


Here is some of what 

World Systems Solutions

is choosing...  

We hope you enjoy this slide show that encapsulates a bit of the spirit that inspires us and of what becomes possible when we come together to collaborate in service to the common good of all.


(The slides move at 10 seconds if this is too fast you can click on the slide show to enlarge it and to go through it at your own pace.)

Great change has always taken great courage and conviction born from inspiration. No one wakes up one morning and says, “I think I’ll change the world today.” Change is preceded by the old wearing thin, wearing down, wearing out, and finally ceasing to be viable. Sometimes we are slow to see the signs, sometimes the needed change scares us, or requires something from us that we are not yet prepared to give. When the old has created sufficient suffering something in us rouses and becomes incessant until the needed change is made.  

Global warming, inequality between races and socioeconomic classes, inability to access basic education and health care, pervasive poverty and financial greed, mass shootings,  genocide, multiple wars, mass pollution, global pandemic — the signs for needed change usually come to us gently at first, subtly indicating the need for the new. If these signs are ignored, they return with greater intensity, again and again they cry out for our attention until they finally come in a form that can no longer be avoided or denied. We are at that point in human history, where the signs of needed change have become so loud, so obvious, and so alarming that we are  compelled to see the ominous future that awaits us if we do not enact change, and do it now. 

These are fearful times to be sure, but fear alone cannot move us to do what we now must do. The pervasive and sweeping global changes that are now required must be motivated by a compelling inspiration that comes as a clarion call from our hearts and souls, from a growing conviction that mobilizes our courage and clear-sightedness, from a part of us that is willing stretch beyond our numerous perceived boundaries and come collaboratively together in new and unprecedented ways, from the love of life and the recognition of the preciousness of all diverse expressions of life, and the deep conviction that “if not us then who, and if not now, then when?”  

The WSS has heard that clarion call and has rallied to respond. The WSS is a self-sovereign organization that honors and supports the sovereignty of all individuals, organizations and nations. We celebrate all the world’s wisdom traditions, cultures and universal values that serve the greater good. Through our seeing and understanding the synthesis of all human cultures, we are open to all paths that lead to truth and freedom for humanity and are limited by none. 


The WSS is constantly evolving and adapting to the challenges and difficulties of the world through its conviction that every problem presented to humanity is a veiled invitation for us to learn and grow, that solutions to the issues we face will come only as we raise our consciousness to perceive our interconnection and interdependence with everyone and everything on the planet. 

World Systems Solutions is inspired to help you help humanity so we can work together to make the seemingly impossible possible.  We can and will achieve this collective paradigm shift together as we learn to listen to our deepest wisdom and love and collaboratively act to consciously and compassionately solve human problems at every scale. 

Perhaps you have felt that internal wakeup call and are looking for ways to help to make the world a better place. The WSS is a place for you to expand your capacity to make a difference. By joining your sincerity, strengths, interests, and gifts to those of others we become a force equal to the task ahead: nothing less than global transformation for the good of all. 

"The mind is the surface of the heart and the heart is the depth of the mind." ​

                     - Sufi Saying

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