“What matters is how quickly

 you do what your soul directs.

                    – Rumi

These guided group meditations were recorded during WSS Launch Team and Facilitator Team meetings. They are an excellent resource to draw from. If interested you can meditate along and benefit from the energy and consciousness they invoke and serve humanity by grounding Light into the world. Thank you. 

"Skillfully practicing all of the facets of meditation is the most perfect action." -Ranjung Dorje

Blending Consciousness Into The Heart-

The ingredient of consciousness in the Heart makes all things possible. Allows us to integrate all levels of being and reality in a state of love, wisdom and harmony.

(8 min 13 sec) 

Ask & You Shall Receive - 

Asking for Divine assistance for self and others. God’s Grace is omnipresent and is guiding all of us and this entire process constantly. All that is required is to recognize that and choose to align with that and to ask for God and the Higher Realms’ assistance in doing so, if we so choose. (5 min 9 sec) 

Selfless Service To Humanity -

Aligning with Soul and with Spirit in service to humanity. Surrounding the planet in the healing, protective, guiding, peaceful and joyful Light of Spirit as a blessing and service to all. (7 min 49 sec) 

The Power of Breath & Spirit -

Breathing out you breathing in. Breathing consciously into realized Oneness with Spirit. Allowing Spirit to purify anything that no longer serves so that we can optimally collaborate together and serve humanity. (11 min 11 sec) 

Working In Harmony With All -

Tuning in to the celestial music of Spirit, finding boundless joy in service and finding peace through the Light of God and Oneness with all that is. (11 min 50 sec) 

Breath of Light & Love -

This meditation is a practice of directly breathing in Light, Love, and Spirit into ones body, heart, and mind as a way of releasing anything that may be in the way of your inherent state of Peace, Kindness, and Joy. 


As you go through this guided experience, you will infuse your body and energy system with positive and healing light and love and then be guided to spread out to people you work with and the greater collective as an act of service for the benefit of all Beings.   (8 min 45 sec)

Team Resonance and Collaboration 

In this guided experience you are invited to breathe in the light and energy of Spirit into your self while connecting with the team or people in your life that you may be working with. 


This meditation invites you to connect with and invoke the assistance of angels and forces of light to help expand your capacity to serve the greater good of humanity for the benefit of all.   (9 min 45 sec)

Collaboration and Community -


Teaching that all moments of collaboration are from one soul to another soul in loving recognition of the souls within one another. “Find ourselves in each other.” Every breath transmitting peace to everyone forever (if you so choose) offer the beauty of the light of spirit to all of humanity for support in these challenging times and feel the light reach those who want peace. WSS collaboration mentioned multiple times. The session begins looking up with the mind's eye to the light of spirit and seeing it facilitating all of our processes with kindness, compassion, grace and beauty. (7min 7 sec)

Transmitting Light To The World -

Powerful transmission of taking a breath direct from spirit and mixing it with the heart chakra and seeing the changes it brings. And breathing this light into our auras and feeling our oneness with that light. Seeing God in everyone we meet and from that place having every interaction be harmonious and in alignment with everyone’s soul process. Very heart opening. (9 min 8 sec) 

Higher Self & Service Meditation - 

In this guided experience you are invited to connect with your higher chakras and bring the forces of light and evolved consciousness into you with the intention that you may be a bridge of connection and support to the souls and people that you work and connect with.  (10 min 12 sec)

Humility & Alignment With Spirit -

A teaching meditation for WSS contributors on opening to the invitation from spirit to fully receive God’s love and the challenge for all people of humbly accepting our unique process. The need to humbly offer our service to humanity without a hint of betterness of ego the invitation of the WSS and to facilitate nourish, collaborate and care for others unconditionally. (9 min 20 sec) 

Surrender to the Light of Spirit -

This is a simple and beautiful “surrender to the light” meditation that is universal The beautiful and rich image of water filling an empty glass until it flows over continually purifying the energy system. It teaches to seek guidance from this light. We can ask the Light for healing nourishment, grace and mercy. That we can ask the light to teach us to resonate with it. The fulfillment of souls process is found in this Light. Light expands and clears all chakras and auric layers.  (7 min 56 sec)

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