WSS GTOS Evolutionary Bridge

The three WSS foundational support pillars of The Global Social Movement, The Philosophy of Transformation & Evolutionary Culture and the Organizational Infrastructure , along with all of World Systems Solutions’ Organizational Capabilities, working in concert with each other and culminate in the WSS Global Transformation Operating System or GTOS which constitutes the basis of a non-corruptible and universally beneficial system for the proactive healthy transformation of all humanity. The WSS 17 Core Organizational Capabilities and GTOS working in a coordinated and synchronized manner, will function practically in the world as the WSS’s Three Pillar Support Process. They are ultimately one and the same and it can be useful to see them from both vantage points. 


As mentioned in the WSS Get Informed video series, once created, the WSS’s Global Transformation Operating System (GTOS) along with the Three Pillared Support Process can then act as a collective and practical bridge to take us as a species from our current place in evolution and global crisis -"Point A", to a bright, healthy and sustainable world and peaceful civilization for us all and for future generations -"Point B". This is how we can survive and thrive in peace together. We all deserve this. We have come a very long way in our evolution and have earned it. If we do not create this evolutionary bridge and collective means of transformation, how will we be able to truly and successfully achieve our so vitally needed global paradigm shift? We will achieve this together as a species or not at all. Each of us can simply do our part. This choice is up to all of us to make, and the WSS can help by giving us all the tools and means of applying and directing that choice to amplify its impact.

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