WSS Goals

  • Fundamentally change the entire global life process of humanity to an eco-sustainable dynamic of healthy conscious global community.  In so doing operationally and culturally re-harmonize global humanity with its natural environment. 

  • Create and implement a new form of conscious human cultural process globally that is based in peaceful collaboration, is evolvable and supportive of healthy community. 

  • Collaboratively solve global problems succinctly and systematically, and in timeframes that are feasible, practical and required for species evolution, and with available resources. 

  • Catalytically transform and accelerate the evolution of global human consciousness and the consciousness of existing human cultures. 

  • Systematically heal and evolve human societies, cultures, and human consciousness on individual, national and international levels. 

  • Transform national cultures, corporate organizational cultures and global traditional tribal dynamics out of competition and into healthy, sustainable and strategic cooperation, mutual validation, recognition of cultural and national equality, and into optimal collaboration and full understanding of their inextricable interdependence now and in the future.  (i.e. Why we can and must work together fairly, equitably, wisely, and now). 

  • Recognition and implementation of real, substantive, and maintainable gender, racial, cultural, religious and national equality. Development of strategies for fair treatment and full participation of all these groups in all global developmental dynamics, systems of governance, substantive choices and actions. Comprehensive support for their active participation to develop strategies for accelerated global consciousness transformation and evolution. Reconciling conflicts and misunderstandings of all kinds within and between all of these tribalized factions. 



WSS Intentions

  • To help humanity realize itself as a fully harmonious collaborative and optimally empowered community in order to create a beautiful future world. 

  • To transform and accelerate the evolution of human species consciousness in all ways required to achieve a sustainable future for humanity and our natural world. 

  • To create a global collaborative culture, process and support technology that will allow us all to work together and effectively align all our abilities, expertise and resources for the achievement of the common good. 

  • To help all human cultures as a collective family to heal and to thereby be supported in attaining its highest collective potential. 

  • To generate a complete international organizational system and platform that will proactively resolve the most pressing global and local problems that all nations face collectively. 

  • To accelerate the peaceful evolution and transformation of all international cultures in order to generate the highest collective potential for humanity. 

  • To generate a complete Global Consciousness Transformation Operating System. 

  • To generate a movement, an ideology, a culture and collaborative system of technologies required to transform our world into a sustainable future by leveraging the pressures of eminent global crisis.

WSS One-Line Summary Descriptions 

Two Brief Summations of The WSS Are


“An International Platform for Humanity to Collaborate, and a New Global Culture

and a Solutions Generation Engine for Healthy Global Transformation.”


“An International Collaboration Platform, Culture and Solutions Generation Engine

for Healthy Global Transformation.”


World Systems Solutions Is:  


A system to empower diverse global community to efficiently come together in conscious integrity to transform our world. 


The philosophy, process, social movement and technology required to build a new form of healthy global culture, and the transformational cultural infrastructure required to create functional international community. 


A system designed to heal and evolve collective humanity and bring it into harmony with our natural world. 


A way to peacefully unite, organize and orchestrate the efforts of our diverse international community. 


A way for humanity to learn to collectively and wisely lead itself into a bright and sustainable future. 


A mechanism for resolving conflicts and misunderstandings in our world community and to generate peaceful aligned collaboration. 


A standardized educable philosophy and system of global transformation. 


A way to strategically and constructively access, organize and apply every human being's creative potential for the global common good. 


A process and mechanism to turn competition and tribalism into healthy sustainable global community. 


An online workspace and complete toolset for large diverse groups to work together to constructively transform our challenged world. 


An Ark of human consciousness to protect and carry all humanity through future adversities. 


The bridge to a bright and healthy future for humanity. 


An organization, a cultural model and a social movement that practically and functionally closes the gap between traditional materially focused and competitive for-profit organizations and those that operate from higher spiritual values and aspirations in service to the common good of all of humanity. 


An online system and process for the diverse voices of humanity to be heard, validated and clearly understood by each other. 


A Global Transformation Operating System 


A global service engine. 


A global online bartering platform and integrated marketplace for all types of knowledge, expertise, services and resources. 


A way to achieve unity, balance and harmony in our world through the synthesis of collaborative contribution. 


A method for translating global diversity and untapped skills and creative potential into complete real-world transdisciplinary solutions strategies. 


An infrastructure designed to effectively align and organize global resources and expertise to solve complex world problems. 


An organized global forum for ongoing transformational collaborative conversations and dialogs that evolve constantly. 


A complete catalytic engine of constructive global re-organization and transformation. 


A transdisciplinary learning and solutions generation engine. 


A software development hub and online programmer training center. 


A viable path to continued future prosperity for humanity. 


A free online transdisciplinary educational delivery system for accelerated evolution of human consciousness. 


A process designed to rapidly align, coordinate and deploy people, technology and resources to solve complex global challenges. 


A large-scale collaborative transdisciplinary paradigm for global problem resolution and collectively architected and coordinated global transformation. 


A globally inclusive collaborative effort designed to catalytically accelerate individual human cultural consciousness evolution. 


A system designed to rapidly transform toxic global conflict and competition into healthy global collaboration and prosperity. 


A supportive augmentation to current global management systems that is designed to close the gaps in their capabilities. 


A catalytic transdisciplinary integration point for resources, expertise, knowledge, technology, money.  


A path to resolution of social, economic, educational and international inequities. 


A peaceful path to global conflict resolution through evolution of current systems of governance. 


An organizing system necessary to arrive at global order in a time of chaos and crisis. 


A way for the international community to effectively understand, communicate and collaborate with itself. 


A way for the international community to effectively and harmoniously evolve itself. 


A new paradigm of standardized collective global leadership and coordinated international development. 


A direct path to collectively solving global problems and managing implemented solutions. 


A system for organizations of all kinds to work together collaboratively to comprehensively solve world problems and achieve common goals. 


A mechanism for the mass generation of standardized transdisciplinary leadership to meet global governance needs. 


A process of constructively redefining and transforming international culture, relationship dynamics, values and priorities. 


The process of integration and synthesis of fragmented global cultures into harmonious collaborative global conscious community. 


A process of constructively redefining and transforming the dynamics and nature of all of humanity’s relationships. (Humans to humans, humans to planet, men to women, humans to their emotions, humans to their perceived identities, individual humans to the collective tribe, and ego-identity process to role, time, power, status, money, etc.) 


A complete software infrastructure to support managed resolution of large-scale global problems. 


A system for collaborative integration of our competitively fragmented world process. 


A global collaborative communications hub and international culture transformation system. 


A method of mitigating the most detrimental impacts of global crisis, such as COVID 19 on human societies. 


A way for our diverse global community to continually operate in peaceful unity. 


A stable bridge to a healthy and sustainable global future. 


An online international workspace for rapidly understanding and creatively contributing to the design of appropriate solutions to large-scale problems. 


An empowering and organizing system to help all of us to work together fairly, equally and in order to collectively create a healthy future world. 


A way for humanity to co-creatively build and achieve its highest hopes, dreams and collective potential. 


A way for the innate collective goodness, love and creativity of humanity to be powerfully applied to solve world problems. 


A complete system for collaboration between all other world organizations and systems. 


A mechanism for orchestrating the collective efforts of research institutions, corporations, think-tanks, non-profit organizations and international governmental institutions.   


A global solutions generation engine and collaboration platform. 


A mechanism to help humanity achieve its highest potential through inspired intelligent action. 


An intentionally evolving global culture based on optimized human collaboration. 


An adaptive system for the attainment of collective human potential. 


A system to efficiently inventory, store, access, deliver and apply all kinds of vital resources to support international collaborative efforts. 


A system that empowers all human beings to effectively contribute to the common good and to be recognized and rewarded for doing so. 


Our Collective Global Situation & How We Can Best Meet Our Challenges: 


The transformation and evolution of human cultures and their associated dynamics of leadership, decision-making, economics, governance and social process are the fundamental requirements and the keys to our collective global success and species survival. Transformation and accelerated evolution of the individual and collective human process into ever-more functional, non-competitive, collaborative and egoless dynamics and consciousness will empower humanity to achieve its highest potential and to survive its current phase of species development and to wisely choose and achieve its next evolutionary steps.  


These goals can be optimally accomplished via peaceful global collaborative participation, facilitation and education. The path to achieving these goals involves the collaborative creation of a new unifying model of conscious healthy global culture and community that can be communicated and emulated globally by existing international cultures, nations and individuals. This new cultural model which will be created, refined and implemented via the WSS Social Movement can then be operated from in co-creative, healthy and orchestrated ways.


Doing so will help humanity to effectively solve its collective problems with current resources and in a timely manner. To bring this into existence we will collaboratively develop the WSS Social Movement and its necessary technology support infrastructure. We will begin by leveraging existing technologies and will then be required to develop a new technology infrastructure unique to the WSS organizational model and operational requirements. Doing all this will then allow us respectfully, inclusively and constructively develop, implement and continually evolve this new global culture of love, equality and compassion-based global community. 


The WSS is an unfolding process that is about to bloom in its full expression as humanity reaching its highest potential through empowered free-will.  Allowing us all to choose a life of peaceful coexistence and co-creativity. This process represents a new global paradigm of humanity living in harmony with our natural world, operating from conscious wisdom, and guided and fueled by unconditional love. 


Social Movement Structure and Core Plan Elements: 


The WSS evolving cultural paradigm, ideology and philosophy of facilitated collaboration. 


The WSS Social Movement Model and Implementation Plan. 


The WSS Launch Team process support for the Social Movement. 


Development of a globally networked, coordinated, integrative and well managed grass-roots social movement. 


Identifying and bringing together a WSS resonant highly accomplished “Council of Societal Elders” to partially fund, network, empower and coordinate their resources in concert with the WSS Social Movement and WSS Organization. 


A broad spectrum highly organized and effective WSS social media campaign. 


A continual message of hope, inspiration, leadership and coordinative information for social movement building to all nations and cultures. 


Global collaboration established between contributing and consulting subject matter experts. 


The integrated and coordinated efforts, contributions and resources of various for-profit and non-profit organizations and research institutions and governmental institutions. 


The WSS Core Design Team organization developing, collaborating and coordinating with all other Social Movement elements. 


Overview of the WSS Process:  


Unite, heal, empower, inspire and educate global humanity 


Collaborate to solve world problems and to constructively and comprehensively transform our world 


Build and implement a new paradigm and philosophy of global transformational culture 


Develop a new technology infrastructure supportive of global communications and transformation 


Generate a comprehensive and fully integrated Global Transformation Operating System 


Accelerate the evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness 



World Systems Solutions

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