“You never change things by fighting existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 
- Buckminster Fuller

Get Informed! World Systems Solutions is a growing social movement, culture of proactive positive change and organizational infrastructure that is capable of architecting a well-designed  evolutionary bridge that can take us as a species from our current global crisis to a bright, peaceful and sustainable future for us all. Here you can learn more about how World Systems Solutions can help humanity actualize this planetary shift for the benefit of all.

Building upon our core values and principles, there are several uncompromising intentions that act as reliable guiding stars in achieving the goals of World Systems Solutions. If you feel the call, we invite you to hold these intentions and work with us to actualize these goals for the benefit of humanity and everything and everyone in this world.

Nothing quite like World Systems Solutions has ever been accomplished by humanity before. We recognize that we cannot solve our complex global crisis using the same tools, mindsets, and myopic problem-solving approaches which we have attempted in the past. Here you will find our various WSS white paper documents. We encourage you to dive into all of them for more comprehensive information about The WSS is and can be for planet Earth.

World Systems Solutions' technical backend has a degree of complexity.

This suite of infographics and diagrams can help visually convey some of our core processes and organizational capabilities. We offer these visual resources to illustrate how various components of the WSS work together and why our vision and mission is practically achievable. 

Who, What, Why, Where, When & How is World Systems Solutions? Along with other frequently asked questions. Looking for our 'elevator speech'? You may find something along those lines here.

An important part of World Systems Solutions is the 

ongoing education and facilitation of all of its participants to catalyze the evolution of human consciousness. The articles, essays and excerpts found in this section can provide deeper understanding and insights into the significance of what the WSS can create and substantively offer humanity and the planet. 

WSS Three Pillar Global

Transformation Strategy 

“World Systems Solutions Is An International Platform For Humanity To Collaborate Together To Build New Planetary Culture And A Solutions Generation Engine For Healthy Global Transformation.”

World Systems Solutions

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