"To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to do."

                        - Kahlil Gibran

WHO is the WSS?

Those of us who are working to heal humanity and the planet and to bring them into harmonious balance through accelerated evolution of our species’ consciousness, while solving global problems.

WHAT is the WSS?

A complete Operating System and collaborative platform designed to support accelerated species level evolution and ongoing global problem resolution.

WHERE is the WSS?

The WSS is a centralized and distributed, hub and wheel international organizational design, it is therefore both local and global.

WHEN is the WSS?

The WSS is operating now and will continue to evolve in its process of service to humanity as long as humanity chooses to receive the WSS’s services.

WHY is the WSS?

The human species life management and developmental arc and process is no longer viable without accelerated species level evolution of consciousness.

HOW is the WSS?

The WSS accomplishes its goals through education, facilitation, collaboration, communication, by leveraging existing technologies and untapped resources, and by leveraging species and ecosystem pressures, dynamics and influences leading to willingness for humanity to shift its developmental arc and process.

How is the WSS different than what is already happening?

The WSS is apolitical, non-monetarily motivated, globally inclusive and exists solely to serve the highest and best good of all humanity and the entire planet earth. Once fully operational World Systems Solutions Global Transformation Operating System along with its three foundational support pillars will be capable of resolving many of the world’s issues, in an intelligently coordinated, synchronized and apolitical manner that no current governmental process, organization, NGO or even the United Nations is designed to do at this time.

If we gave the WSS $100 Million Dollars what would it be spent on?

If you review our diagrams along with our full organizational overview white paper you will see the initial blueprint of what all funding received will go toward building in service to humanity. If you are a serious benefactor and are wanting even more detailed spreadsheets, project models and budgets please contact our team and we can arrange a meeting to show you what your donations will go toward in great depth. The WSS process will be fully documented and will be transparent to public review end to end. Every penny received will be wisely utliized toward serving the WSS vision and mission in the world to steward the common good and architecht positive change for the benefit of all.

What do say to people who say, “It can’t be done. Humanity will never change.”?

We can do it. We can do it today. We can change any previous tendencies that have held us back from this requisite evolution of consciousness. If we do not collectively choose to require this transformation of the global human process to occur, then our world systems are likely to crumble beneath the increasing pressures that we've described as the problems of the world. The wealthy and the powerful must play a necessary and key role in the process of solving our global problems. Without their funding, resources and influence the macro changes that must occur in our world cannot happen. It is simply and profoundly a choice for all of us to make World Systems Solutions can help live by example and pave the way. If you choose to, you can contribute and work with us to make the supposedly impossible, possible. We invite you to join us on this evolutionary adventure of positive global transformation.

Who started World Systems Solutions?

John Jones originally wrote and brought forward the orginial white paper and suggested overall organizational model and process. A team of seven then formed and further expanded the process, built the website and incorporated the World Systems Solutions non-profit. All of the core contributors of the WSS are highly committed to serving humanity, the planet and the highest and best good of all in any and all ways possible. There are brief bios of our initial core members on our Meet Our Team page. The WSS is being designed as a platfrom to give humanity a voice and to offer people of all walks of life, everywhere in the world a practical infrastructure to contribute their time and energy to lasting positive change and transfromation in the world. We hope humanity can come together in heart, mind and hand to steward the common good of all and architecht positive change in the world. We need this now more than ever. The WSS is born out of this need and necessisty.

What inspires those who contribute to World Systems Solutions?

Humanity has a natural heartfelt intention to love and serve each other and the natural world and those who participate in the WSS have shown that this tendency is the answer that we have been looking for to solve world problems. They are making it possible for everyone to share in this inspiring innate human capacity. As our process has unfolded, those participating in the WSS have realized that the vital next step in expressing this deeply committed intention is to ensure that it is fully grounded in every dimension of practical real world life process. This means leveraging every resource, technology, and area of expertise available to us to serve the common good. We also invite to view our " Inspiration Behind the WSS".

How can the WSS really be globally inclusive of all people and be truly apolitical?

Technology that is available today allows realtime interconnectedness of virutally every human being on the planet. The WSS leverages all of these technologies without bias, prejudice or agenda, and does so apolotically. Our intentions are service to the common good of humanity, Spirit and our natural world. These intentions are being instilled into the foundational culture and process of the WSS. Our organizational values and goals are focused on achieving this intention and define our way of approaching all of humanity. We invite you to view our " Values & Principles" and " Goals & Intentions" pages.

What has been accomplished so far? What are the next steps ahead?

World Systems Solutions non-profit organization is growing and evolving. We have already completed the first steps and with the initial resources and contributions we have received, our WSS launch team has generated our website as a home for our suite of presentation materials to make the case for the WSS and to spark this global conversation and opportunityfor humanity. The next immediate step in our process is our first major round of networking and fundraising leading to the creation of our fully funded and supported transdisciplinary Core Design Team Phase that will then create the expanded blueprint and embodied culture of the Phase One WSS Organization and implement it in the world. The Core Design Team will also build out the Three Support Pillars Transformation Strategy and the WSS 17 Core Organizational Capabilities that will culminate in The WSS Global Transformation Operating System or GTOS which can then act as an evolutionary bridge for humanity to take to a bright, healthy, peaceful, abundant and sustainable future.

How can I participate and contribute?

As the WSS develops, we are creating teams which are made of up people with various skills or expertise. These groups are constantly evolving and collaborating and there may be an existing group that you would fit into well with whatever experience or knowledge you bring to the process. If you contact our coordination team they can help you find our where how you can contribute. You can also look at the "All The Ways To Get Involved" section on the website. These are the teams that we are starting, developing or growing (most are currently operational): WSS Business Team WSS Therapeutic Facilitation Team WSS Organizational Consulting Team WSS Organizational Development Team WSS Transformational Communications Team WSS Administrative Team WSS Spiritual Facilitation Team WSS Media Team WSS Education & Research Integration Team WSS Information Technology Team WSS Orientation Team

World Systems Solutions

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