An excellent way to substantively contribute to the success of World Systems Solutions is to donate financially.


The WSS is seeking to attract initial funding from any source that is in alignment with our vision and mission. Any donation of any size is of immense value at any point along the way.


You can donate directly via the PayPal link on this page. For larger donations either a check or wire transfer is suggested (see the link below). All donations made will receive a receipt that can be used for your taxes as all donations to the WSS are 100% tax deductible.


Thank you for your donations! 

Your generosity of heart and spirit make this all possible. 


Stewards of the Common Good

Architecting Positive Change for the Benefit of All

For smaller donations PayPal is fine although a 3% processing fee is deducted. For any donation of $500 or more we suggest sending a check in the mail or bank transfer for even more generous donations. For the details required for making larger donations click the button below.


Thank you kindly for your kindness and support

of World Systems Solutions not for profit organization. 

A  Note On The WSS's Temporary Fiscal Sponsorship:

The WSS Non-Profit is soon to be incorporated and our 501-C3 status will then be pending.  That said, until our 501-C3 status is approved, World System Solutions currently has fiscal sponsorship through another organization called The Sharmada Foundation that has 501-C3 tax exempt and whose mission is in alignment the WSS's vision and mission. All donations currently made will be processed through this sister foundation. This means that all donations that go to the building of the WSS are already 100% tax deductible through this process of fiscal sponsorship.  As soon as World Systems Solutions' 501-C3 tax exempt status is confirmed by the IRS it will be able to receive 100% tax deductible donations directly. 100% of the donations received to Sharmada for the WSS, go to the WSS. Thank you Sharmada Foundation for being our temporary fiscal sponsor.

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