“We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today.


We are confronted with the

fierce urgency of now.”

              - Martin Luther King Jr.

Get Inspired! World Systems Solutions is sending out the call to the hearts and minds of all members of the human family to understand their ability to affect the greater good and to bring to life a transformational shift in consciousness on our planet. We can either evolve or self-destruct, break through or fall back. Now is the time for humanity to come together in wise unified vision, intention and action to create a bright future for all. The choice is ours. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Our Vision and Mission statements aim  to encompass the totality of our collaborative process. Like life itself the WSS is both simple and complex. We invite you to integrate both heart and mind and walk this razor's edge of understanding with us in order to guide our collective hands in inspired world service together for the benefit of all. 

The WSS is arising out of the awareness that our current world systems and institutions do not have the capacity to proactively address our growing global crisis in a complete way. The growing network of WSS contributors are working together to collaborate in new ways to truly address and resolve our global crisis. Either we get through this together as a species or not at all. We must now choose to shift away from our prior species level tribal, competitive, environmentally harmful, and self-destructive behaviors to move in ever more sustainable and compassionate directions. We have absolute faith in humanity's ability to achieve this. 

"Imagination is more 

important than knowledge. 

Knowledge is limited. 

Imagination encircles the whole world."

-Albert Einstein

One Earth

One Humanity

One Destiny

We are working to make the impossible possible. This is a short inspirational document to share what inspires World Systems Solutions contributors. Human beings have inalienable conscious sovereign free will power. We always have a choice. There is never a moment when we do not have a choice. Can we choose inspired service rather than hopelessness and despair? What becomes possible for humanity when we choose love over fear, and collaboration rather than competition? Now is the time for wise unified vision, intention, and action. Will you join us?

World Systems Solutions lives by a clear set of consciously defined and cultivated core values and principles that are woven into all WSS dynamics and endeavors end to end. Check out what guides and empowers our process and culture.  

Here you you can stay up to date with our current unfoldments and past achievements.

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