WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

WSS Global Operating System and Support Infrastructure:


The totality of the core design capability parameters and associated operational strategies of the WSS Phase 1 organization listed above, when fully evolved and developed, in concert with external participating organizations, corporations and governmental institutions will constitute the foundation elements of a complete adaptive engine for global facilitation of the evolution of consciousness of the human species, including that of individuals, organizations, societies and for the human species as a whole. This development will also constitute a complete and efficient “global coordinative and collaborative species level development support operating system” for the synchronized management of global developmental change and intelligent transformation of the totality of the human process on the planet we all share.


The WSS will operate as a macro-coordinative and collaboration support system of networked systems, as well as a transformative and developmental super-structure for the consistent production and implementation of literally massive and absolutely necessary global solutions and transformative initiatives and efforts. The total WSS system of networked systems will be specifically designed to simultaneously leverage and facilitate the rapid efficient evolution of existing world legacy systems of all kinds (human and technological), and it will simultaneously generate new and more sustainably functional technological and software systems. In the long run the WSS process will, as a natural result of its processes, generate new and complete systems of world governance that can support the world’s nations in operating harmoniously with each other at all scales and in all social and international venues, and in regard to all necessary human development efforts, while the world transforms itself into an ever more sustainable mode of operation and function. These new systems of world governance can include a reliable and non-corruptible “blockchain” voting system that gives real time access to all voters who are optimally informed of issues via the WSS communications and education systems.


This new WSS global system of networked systems will include software and defined protocols that support interactive communication, collaboration, coordination and operational interfaces into all participating groups, corporations and national and international institutions and governments. This WSS system will support the development of a new order of transdisciplinary knowledge development, centralized mass information storage (available to all global participants equally) and collaborative interaction supportive communications and educational systems that support rapid successful solutions development and deployment. (i.e. The WSS process will generate new and highly organized transdisciplinary knowledge concepts, information structures and databases that are designed to support global transdisciplinary education, collaboration, systems development, solutions development, standardized global education and mass international coordinated networked activities and sustainable solutions creation efforts).


This complete WSS developed collaborative transdisciplinary environment will allow humans to rapidly become capable of literally thinking new, different and more constructively positive thoughts, operating and working together in new ways and reaching understandings previously unattainable by the traditionally conditioned process of education and social acculturation that human beings usually develop from. These WSS organizational software developments and operational systems developments will be augmented by the latest Artificial Intelligence software and hardware systems where appropriate and useful. All of these new globally available systems and “augmented human information processing organizational evolutions” will depend upon and dovetail with the ground up development of the previously mentioned new language and lexicon for the evolution of human consciousness, transformation of the global process of the human species, and for all required world systems transformations.


The “designed in and built in” WSS Phase 1 organization capabilities and functions will allow it to manifest, for the common good of our species, whatever new human, social and technological capabilities and organized macro-human efforts, which are necessary (in concert with all external to the WSS networked organizations and institutions) to facilitate healthy global social, technological and consciousness transformation, and to facilitate the evolution of all existing world systems and life processes, in whatever ways are necessary, for our species to reach a consistently healthy and ecologically sustainable and efficiently operational global process. The WSS will accomplish this in a logistically, socially, ecologically, economically, technologically, and politically synchronized, practical and sound manner, with whatever degree of orchestrated global intention and orchestration of resource distributions necessary for these goals to be consistently manifest on a global scale.


The WSS organizational model is designed to operate as both the “mother and the midwife” for the complete gestation process of the next phase of catalytic evolutionary development of our species. It will support and facilitate humanity in making the next and most exciting and inspiring leap in our evolution. This is an opportunity for humanity, peacefully working together, to architect and construct an organic and transcendently intelligent global management focused and oriented organizational model that is constantly refineable and evolvable. This new model can then support the peaceful, ongoing and synchronized generation of a literal new species of human beings across all social venues and nations. Meaning the WSS represents a new form and new order of harmonious and collaborative organizational intelligence, which will be “designed to design” a new form of loving and working human species intelligence that can be communicated to other organizations, groups and societies. This result will give humanity new and sustainably evolvable ways to manage the human life process in its entirety, which are teachable, distributable and implementable in all areas of the world. It will fundamentally shift the arc of development and collective process of humanity.


The WSS is, in its later phased unfoldment, therefore a guided evolutionary process for intelligently, efficiently, effectively and peacefully terraforming human societies and raising human consciousness, in mass, into a new form and dynamic that is truly healthy, functional and that “works” in harmonious concert with itself and with our natural world. It is both the highway and the vehicle for humanity’s next great step forward, it is the bridge from our “current situation Point A” to a far better and absolutely necessary “future and functional Point B”. The proposed WSS process, paradigm, organizational construct and set of species level developmental principles constitutes the ladder that we are all building together in order for humanity to climb out of the various holes we have inadvertently dug ourselves into through our prior species dynamics, decision-making strategies, efforts and actions.


The WSS will also constitute a “new, necessary and intelligently constructed and functioning organ” of the human species’ “collective body” or collective life process, that is designed to augment existing global systems capabilities and functions and thus to serve humanity in all ways that our current insufficient and conflicted systems of governance and government, nationalist and populist intentions and approaches, toxifying competitive corporate dynamics and short-term return on investment oriented capitalistic endeavors were never designed to do and therefore cannot successfully effect in the time and with the resources available to us.

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