WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

WSS Planetary and Species Level Healing Systems:


These systems are designed to provide support for the healing of:


  • Historically emotionally wounded Societies, Cultures, Nations, Corporate Cultures, and Individuals.

  • Our wounded planetary ecosystems, which we depend upon, as a species, for our survival and successful continuance of species level life process.

  • Healing current human social tendencies and lack of shared understandings that do not support a healthy relationship between humanity and our natural ecosystems.


Through ongoing life experience, individuals, groups, cultures, religions and nations are inevitably wounded in their processes of development, evolution and ongoing life process, whether this wounding is emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. This natural human life process creates an ongoing cyclic dynamic of wounding, healing, wounding and healing, and it cycles on and on. We require this process as a species to learn and to grow and to evolve. That said, the difficulty arises when the healing portion of the cycle is interrupted for any reason, or when the wounding is so deep as to create fundamental dysfunction or conflict. In this case the wounds remain until they are later resolved via some intervening mechanism.


Once a people or a group of human beings are emotionally, mentally, spiritually and / or physically wounded these wounds are recorded in their collective cultural psyche, then these wounds are relived and become a core element of the groups experience interpretation process, decision-making processes and overtly influence their foundational cultural life view. Just as an individual human being can experience PTSD after a traumatic event, so can whole cultures and nations and even our species as a whole, and the effects of these wounds can last for years, centuries or even millennia. These wounded societies and cultures require whatever degree and type of healing support that they require, for as long as it takes, in order for them to transcend this wounded and impaired state or dysfunction. These wounds don’t just go away on their own, and we can no longer as a species carry the weight of these unhealed global wounds and at the same time face the challenges our future holds and at the same time perform as a healthy whole collective community when we face our global challenges.


It is this historical wounding that life on our planet has generated, either through environmental damage to populations, economic deprivation, political abuse, slavery, war and terrorism, unfair treatment, gender abuse, devaluation by other groups, religious exploitation or religious persecution or simple lack of required developmental resources leading to seemingly unending suffering of human populations. These unhealed historical social wounds and situations can also be as simple, deep and profound as mistrust, unresolved anger and hatred, or developmentally paralyzing fear. There can also be a sense of unresolved shame and guilt for actions taken as a group, a culture or a nation, even in the very far past. Examples of incompletely healed social wounds could be found related to the Holocaust, the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or various forms of genocide and the historical effects on many populations of long-term dictatorship, the Vietnam War, or Word War I and II.


These unresolved emotional states and emotional energies are held in a sort of debilitating limbo in the collect


cultures, without a defined and consistently implemented mechanism of resolution, such as the healing method applied in South Africa after the fall of the Apartheid the pain continues. Whether these groups or nations see themselves as victims or perpetrators, or both, at different points in human history, both sides of the coin must always be addressed and healed.


In order to evolve as nations and as a species, these types of social wounds must be healed. There must be open expression of recognized truths, what occurred, and ownership must be taken of misdeeds, and there must be requests for forgiveness on all sides and forgiveness given from all sides to all other sides that have felt themselves to have been wounded. Only through this process of complete resolution of our species collective emotional history can we move cleanly and successfully into our species future and with the confidence of emotional trust of our neighbors and their heart felt intentions that is required for species level collaboration. The WSS will have technologies, personnel, processes and capacities to facilitate the healing of this ongoing and repeating wounding and healing cycle that has been such a core part of the human species level developmental dynamic and which has simultaneously held us back as a species from attaining our highest potential. Left unhealed, these wounds can derail, distort or even cripple a nation’s development or even that of the human species.


“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives.”

- Unknown


In addition to the healing of the world’s peoples we must learn to and choose to heal our living environment, the ecosystem we depend upon for our existence. If we do not achieve this our time as a species is likely very limited. We must heal ourselves and our planet simultaneously, if we do not work together the challenges will simply be too big and complex for any nation or people to accomplish alone. We must heal our divisions, our separateness, our populist and nationalistic tendencies, our collective misunderstandings and our toxic competitiveness if we wish to survive as either nations or as a whole global community.


This healing mechanism will include a comprehensive capacity to manage the practical reality of global transformational and change stress dynamics and emotions that will occur whether the WSS is created, implemented and had its intended effect or not. Therefore, a key capability of the WSS is to help the global population not just heal, but also to manage ongoing transformational and change shock dynamics which are likely to become to some degree endemic in future species evolutionary unfoldment.


There are numerous existing healing and transformation supportive methods and techniques that will be drawn from in order to affect these required results. Just one example is the method utilized to such positive effect in healing the traumatic and violent societal rifts in South Africa, after the fall of Apartheid which then successfully bound that country’s wounded people back into functional unity. Another example of a way to rapidly process unresolved trauma on an individual level is the therapeutic process of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing).

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