WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

WSS Central Communications Hub: (WSS Intranet & Inter-Crowd, Inter-Corporate and Inter-Governmental Extranet). This communications hub and information distribution backbone is both fed by and made up of the internal WSS organizational management software, personnel and organizational structures and processes. These include intra WSS change management software and national and international development supportive change management systems and software. This hub is designed to support the centralized collation and reorganization of massive amounts of useful data and knowledge and to prepare this facilitative knowledge for broad spectrum, targeted and synchronized dissemination to any group, person or institution in the world.


This developed communications system operates in constant harmony with and in integration with all other described WSS core capabilities and stays in constant synchronization with their efforts, dynamics and needs and supports all of their functions consistently and comprehensively. It is designed to support any type of globally networked mass change process, as well as any large-scale development and coordinated solutions focused initiatives that exist now or in the future. It also operates as a system to communicate and inform to the world the WSS Vision, Mission and ongoing organizational process, as well as for general ongoing global information dissemination, (i.e. educational support of all kinds), and it interfaces with all social media platforms, links to external think-tanks and entrepreneurial hubs, and operates to distribute all accumulated WSS transdisciplinary information to all internal WSS sub-units, and communicates information to all WSS collaborative entities and external organizations. It also supports crowd supported solution effort information feedback, and for advertising, fundraising, marketing, in support of the WSS consulting capacity, and the WSS university function, as well as for generating coordinated effort support for all collaborative solutions creations and implementations. This system allows synchronization of any and all global participant’s efforts and thus also supports the WSS Logistical and Operations functions and hub. It also supports a centralized global problem / issues reporting and monitoring system. These coordinative communications efforts can include creating a collaborative support environment for the following participants:


  • Governments

  • Cities

  • Corporations

  • Institutions

  • Research Centers

  • Think-Tanks

  • Universities

  • Crowds that want to create global solutions

  • Individuals


One example of one part of the WSS process in action: Smart cell phone and smart car applications will be developed to facilitate real-time global coordinated collaborative efforts, operations, information feedback loops and metrics data collection between all WSS affiliates engaged in solutions implementations and management.


The WSS also utilizes all forms of communication, including “info-art" in order to facilitate optimized global communications and shared understandings and coordinated efforts. Simultaneously the WSS supports the production and development of various forms


of art globally, for the sake of art itself and for the purpose of nourishing humanity’s relationship to the arts: Art is itself a powerful medium of communication and is an expression of the human soul process. The WSS is a networked system of systems, and two main purposes of these WSS systems are the development of evolution supportive and collaboration supportive communications of all kinds for humanity in order to optimize the WSS effect in the world.


Optimizing the application of all forms of art-based communication, including the performing arts (i.e. pictures, video, song, writing, audio communications all kinds, etc.). All forms of art can facilitate the process of the WSS Mission and Vision, and they also support the evolution of the consciousness and greater understanding of humanity. In addition to basic utility, beauty and art have intrinsic worth, i.e. art and beauty feed the human soul.

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