WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

WSS Global Transformation & Evolution Support Culture and Development Paradigm

The unique WSS culture and hybrid organizational design is developed drawing upon various existing organizational models and designs, with an emphasis on creating a constant high-speed learning environment and a constantly proactively changing and dynamically evolving culture and set of software and process-based support systems for this cultural process. This organizing cultural model will be standardized in its developmental strategies and thus “exportable and trainable” into other organizational venues.


Creating a safe and high-trust social environment within the WSS for open and non-competitive creative expression is our paramount intention, including creating openness to “brainstorming”, innovative ideas and approaches and effective collaboration which are the keys to the success of this organizational Vision and Mission and supports its continual capacity to gracefully morph and catalytically meet rapidly changing global needs and challenges. Graceful management of ongoing organizational stress will be “built right into” the organizational cultural design, while fostering a recognizable sense of cohesive community is also fundamental to our success.


This new form of cultural system will be designed with advanced communications team-based strategies and support software that will allow constant organization wide learning and synchronization of organizational change and coordinated effort management. Quality assurance will be constantly stressed in all areas of organizational function and solutions production. In addition to selecting team members by experience and expertise they will also be selected for maximum capacity to constructively initiate, proactively participate in, manage and tolerate rapid and constant organizational change dynamics and cultural evolution. This diverse team must include a carefully configured balance of genders, races, nations, education and expertise, and socio-economic strata:


We will be looking for the following qualities in WSS staff members:

  • Creativity, imagination, adaptability, ingenuity and flexibility

  • Operating from higher principles and values

  • Those who want to co-create a new world and life process for humanity

  • Willingness to stand their ground on topics they feel strongly about

  • Passion for making the world a better place and improving humanity’s situation and future

  • Willingness to focus on the success of the organization and all of humanity as being equal to or more important than their own personal success and achievements

  • Love and caring for humanity and where humanity will be in the future

  • Personal integrity, honesty & fact-based decision-making orientation

  • Hope, Faith, Optimism and Positivity

  • Willingness to proactively, consciously and constantly learn, teach, change, evolve and grow

  • Service to humanity motivation and orientation

  • Organizational vision and mission commitment

  • Absolute commitment to quality assurance in all areas of the WSS process

  • High Intelligence

  • Patience, tolerance and a tendency to face problems and challenges from a non-judgmental vantage point

  • A tendency toward taking the initiative to proactively resolve world, organizational, workplace process and interpersonal issues. (i.e. proactive problem resolution).


We will be looking for the following core WSS staffing competencies:

  • Systems thinking & analytical skills

  • Expertise and experience in their chosen fields

  • Good interpersonal communication and writing skills

  • General computer skills and optimally significant systems knowledge, experience or education

  • Leadership skills and expertise

  • Collaboration and teaming skills, experience and personal orientation

  • Significant large multidimensional project experience

  • Change management experience and knowledge

  • 6 Sigma organizational implementation and management experience and a set of reputable decision-analysis tools such as Kepner-Tregoe decision analysis tools

  • Disciplined detail oriented organizational skills

  • Previous participation in high-performance organizational culture building & community participation modeling

  • Supportive of transparent and self-accountable organizational operation and cultural process

  • Good personal and interpersonal stress management skills


The proposed WSS organizational model has a literal information, coordination and resource circulatory system that allows each organizational component to feed the developments of the others and to be reflectively fed, updated, upgraded, evolved and supported by the others. There will be an ongoing process of reflected and refreshed information and development support resources between all of the core organizational components.


Below is a description of some of these interactive system feed dynamics. In each subsequent section these feeding, and transmission dynamics are listed in order to better describe the complete integration of the WSS organizational model.


In order to affect its function, this core Culture Design and Culture Building Organizational Capability will simultaneously “receive from” or draw upon the following WSS example functional capacities:

  • The Global University system

  • The bartering systems

  • The software development capability

  • Pool of WSS developed coders

  • The WSS capacity to receive and distribute funding

  • Phase 1 Think-Tank Team informational guidance and outputs

  • The quality assurance systems

  • The WSS constitution and agreement management system

  • Crowd sourced information, expertise and knowledge

  • The Transformational Language development process

  • The organizational healing system


This WSS organizational culture function will simultaneously feed or “transmit” information and knowledge to the following example WSS functional capacities:

  • The WSS healing systems capability

  • The consulting capability

  • The Global University system

  • The quality assurance systems

  • Modeling of rapid evolution of affiliated organizations

  • Crowd sourced solutions efforts

  • The Transformational Language development process

  • The organizational consulting system

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