WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

A proactively and dynamic self-adapting and evolving logistical management system: Including coordinated global evolution and change supportive supply chain management functionality, e-commerce support, and a generic resource and solutions delivery system and an operations support and coordination hub. This mechanism will support the acquisition, synergistic synchronized management and distribution of any type of resource, including money, convergent and new technologies, information, knowledge, developed plans and project management strategies, complete existing solutions, ideas, person hours, material resources, committed collaborative efforts, etc.. The WSS logistical hub will interact with any and all participating external organizations and institutions. The logistical hub is a metaphorical “heart” that acquires and pumps out resources in a very precise, nimble, synchronized, adaptive, practical and efficient manner to meet social resource needs in a timely manner, wherever they are most needed in the world. (i.e. Efficient concentration of necessary intelligently prescribed resources on demand, in an immediate and intelligently applied manner that are tailored specifically to the target social venue based upon clearly understood needs). Such systems would help us now with the management of our current pandemic.


World Systems Solutions

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