WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

The WSS will build and manage its own entrepreneurial incubator environment, to support potential entrepreneurs and their goals and areas of product development focus. The hub will also have the capacity to develop and patent its own solutions, technologies, software, processes and services as well as to spawn new and networked with the WSS external entrepreneurial incubators. The WSS inhouse entrepreneurial incubator system will additionally have the capacity to design, prototype, build, and project manage end-to-end solutions and to then distribute, implement, monitor and maintain them anywhere in the world. Eventually this hub will have the option of coordinating with the network of entrepreneurial incubators that interoperate with it to generate macro solutions rapidly.


In this process of developing and spawning new entrepreneurial incubators the WSS can design a specific and new type of entrepreneurial incubator. This newly designed incubator is meant to organize and orchestrate the ongoing operations of other networked entrepreneurial incubators. This will allow for WSS organizational network growth and project scaling without losing organizing capability for large efforts.


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