WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

A Global University Level Educational System and Hub, Transdisciplinary Knowledge Reservoir and Operational Information Support Infrastructure that is free to all and which constitutes a robust “information transfer backbone” that operates as a high-quality information distribution hub by which all transdisciplinary knowledge acquired and/or developed by the WSS or received through the participants that network with the WSS can be transmitted, taught and offered as training to anyone, anywhere in the world.


This educational system is a necessary support mechanism to synchronize global evolution and synchronized global developmental activities unfolding in concert with the global common good. This baseline higher educational capability is now vitally necessary in order to support species level catalytic and collective positive human endeavors and solutions production. In its highest and most developed form this educational system develops new paradigms of global governance and leadership and functions as a centralized global leadership mentoring, education and training mechanism. This educational system is constantly contributed to by networked contributions and collaborative connections from the WSS to external think-tanks, university educational institutions and research institutions that are external to the WSS.


It will ultimately constitute a complete on-line university that supports practical and foundational “real-world development” on large scales and also supports evolution and transformation of world consciousness. This constantly evolving educational system will support the WSS organization in operating as a catalytic change supportive consulting and training organization for existing external organizations and institutions. It will also act as:


  • a hub and center for transdisciplinary learning, teaching, research and development

  • a transdisciplinary information and ideal reservoir to all participating affiliates

  • the mechanism for creating and maintaining WSS consulting services to external organizations and institutions.

World Systems Solutions

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