WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

Software Development Hub, Software Developer Training Center &

Developed Coder Resource Pool & Global Bartering System


The WSS develops and operates its own internal and inter-organizational collaborative software systems. The total capability of these developed integrated softwares can have a similar degree of flexibility, accessibility, and networked organized collaborative communications support capacity to that of the Facebook software platform. Yet the WSS open systems design will also support constructive complex globally organizing collaboration. This collaboration support system will constitute a connection hub for large group and multi-organizational orchestrated collaboration and solutions development and implementation efforts. This system will allow ongoing and global evolution supportive free-flow conversations from anyone or any group to anyone or any group on any topic and allow central data storage for them to work from collaboratively in order to develop solutions for any area of the world. This collaboration platform will also support the networked and efficiently orchestrated repurposing of existing corporate and governmental technologies, resources, knowledge and capabilities.


Users of the WSS collaboration system will be supplied with the free software and solutions development tools, virtual meeting support and project management software systems necessary for the design, prototyping and development of solutions, technologies, products and services that will then be made available to the world through the entrepreneurial hub system, the logistical and operations support hub system and the educational hub system of the WSS. This robust collaborative environment, platform and system will support the WSS global bartering system with its associated operations and solutions support accounting system for the management of person hours, resources, skill sets, information, technology, trade and exchange information management, etc. and track their application to all defined, monitored and managed projects. This bartering system will also be augmented and supported by the usage of an internal to the WSS electronic currency, similar to Bitcoin or other blockchain based currency system, where useful and supportive. This is an augmentation of the existing capitalist model of economics the world operates from and is not intended to operate in competition with it.


The WSS system will develop and maintain the capacity to completely design, develop and implement, its own software in-house, (i.e. The WSS will have its own software development training organization and extensive in-house software development capability). This large scale free software coder training capability includes all necessary capacities to train a large group of remote and still affiliated software developers who will then either become WSS employees for future software developments or who can work as crowd sourced suppliers of software code to manifest and support global solutions projects in concert with the WSS or independently from the WSS. Their extensive education will occur in return for an agreed upon contribution of their time and skills to future WSS solutions production participation and world service.


These proprietary, patentable and externally licensable WSS in-house developed software can be utilized to support all internal WSS organizational change management, solutions development processes, organizational learning needs, internal communications, coordination and operational support processes. Other software the WSS generates would be designed to support crowd sourced solutions creations and to connect the WSS in collaborative synchronizing developmental union with numerous external networked organizations. In combination with the WSS external university level educational system listed above, the WSS will have its own internal education system to support all WSS staff in constant accelerated learning processes. This internal WSS educational system will support and also require the WSS global organizational networked system of systems to remain in sync with whatever understandings are required to effectively support consistent coordinated global and collaborative WSS efforts. Mass global education and synchronized coordinated information transfer, communicated via the WSS intranet, and the global internet, will become the coordinative “sinus rhythm for the WSS’s beating heart” of intelligently managed sustainable global change.


Prior to the WSS developing its own software suite currently available software such as:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • MRP (Manufacturing Resource/Requirements Planning)

  • BPR (Business Process Re-engineering)


Any or all of these software capabilities may be applicable to various elements of the overall WSS organizational process as it develops and evolves.


The WSS organizational model has the capacity to define its own internal financial and economic system and set of management processes and technological and human infrastructures of barter, exchange and transaction. These exchange and transaction dynamics will be supported by various currencies, including existing and new cyber/electronic/blockchain currencies. This WSS bartering system includes a complete bartering accounting system for all bartered resources, processes and dynamics. The WSS thereby becomes its own encapsulated economic ecosystem of global solutions supportive transaction and exchange as well as potentially supporting “open market” bartering of services, information, technology, resources of all kinds, human hours, skills and knowledge; thereby evolving itself as is necessary for the function and betterment of the WSS organization as a whole, while simultaneously improving solutions development and delivery to the world.


In order to affect its function, this collaborative WSS software development capability will simultaneously receive from or draw upon the following WSS example functional capacities:


  • The Global University system

  • The various project and solutions development tools & software made available by the WSS

  • The global transformation and change management functions

  • The software development capability

  • Pool of WSS developed coders

  • Phase 1 Think-Tank Team informational guidance and outputs

  • The quality assurance systems

  • The WSS constitution and agreement management system

  • The WSS bartering systems and expertise resource accounting & tracking system

  • Crowd sourced information, expertise and knowledge

  • WSS capacity to receive and distribute funds

  • The entrepreneurial hub system

This WSS collaborative software development function will simultaneously feed or transmit information and knowledge to the following WSS example functional capacities:


  • The WSS healing systems capability

  • The consulting capability

  • The Global University system

  • The quality assurance systems

  • Modeling of rapid evolution of affiliated organizations

  • The organizational consulting system

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