WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

A complete Crowd Sourced world open-source solutions, technology, product and service development environment, hub, engine and solutions delivery system that interfaces the WSS internal organizational process with global crowd sourced individual, group and external organizational participants. This solutions development environment will support the full architecting, venue specific tailoring and creative design, prototyping, testing, solution refinement, implementation and post-implementation monitoring of implemented solutions.


This constructed WSS organizational and system’s capability can generate fully tested patentable solutions, products, new and disruptive / transformative business models and technologies, solution processes, and support service models that are then delivered and implementable anywhere in the world in any social or geographic context. This developed organizational paradigm and software supported organizational capacity allows and supports the WSS efforts in the guided, orchestrated and educated repurposing of any existing external group, corporation or governmental institution (including the world’s various militaries) in order to bring them into concert and alignment with the WSS vision and mission and with specifically defined project and global solution implementations. This would be a capability of the WSS and an offered service that would empower existing for profit and not for profit organizations to efficiently shift focus and operate then more effectively operate together and come up to speed in their collaborative potential, in very rapid ways, even if they were not previously designed to network with other organizations, in order to fulfill solutions development requirements and even to respond rapidly to emergency situations globally.


The WSS provides all the necessary solutions support and development tools and on-line collaboration support technologies to allow the crowd sourced external participants, in concert with WSS representatives, to design, create and implement necessary products, solutions, algorithms and services wherever they are needed. These solutions development support tools and resources can also include software development environments, required hardware, manufacturing machines, education and mentoring, technical expertise, connections to WSS networked organizational resources, legal expertise, accounting system support, shipping support, marketing support, statistics, research materials, and solutions development management expertise.


In order to affect its function, this crowd sourced solutions development capability will simultaneously receive from or draw upon the following WSS example functional capacities:


  • The Global University system

  • The various project and solutions development tools & software made available by the WSS

  • The global transformation and change management functions

  • The software development capability

  • Pool of WSS developed coders

  • Phase 1 Think-Tank Team informational guidance and outputs

  • The quality assurance systems

  • The WSS constitution and agreement management system

  • The WSS bartering systems and expertise resource accounting & tracking system

  • Crowd sourced information, expertise and knowledge

  • WSS capacity to receive and distribute funds

  • The entrepreneurial hub system


This WSS crowd sourced development function will simultaneously feed or transmit information and knowledge to the following WSS example functional capacities:


  • The WSS healing systems capability

  • The consulting capability

  • The Global University system

  • The quality assurance systems

  • Modeling of rapid evolution of affiliated organizations

  • The organizational consulting system

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