WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

The WSS will develop and design a wholly new Universal Language and lexicon of standardized and managed human consciousness evolution and transformation, facilitated high-speed learning, sophisticated and highly organized transdisciplinary information structure, storage, access and transfer, and which is all supportive of practical management of global change and evolution in all human social, organizational and operational venues. This language will constitute a foundational mechanism of practical managed global change for all existing human social, technological, ecological, economic and organizational processes. This language will not carry the limitations, biases, subconscious baggage and traditional tendencies that all current world languages do, and it will not be associated with or represent any current nation or culture, it will be a language designed to gracefully unify humanity. It will allow seamless concerted transformational collaboration between all participating individuals, groups and societies. From this “new language of consciously managed global change” and set of foundation evolution and transformation supportive concepts, information and ideas human beings can constantly use in order to learn to change and learn to evolve in the following areas:


Evolution of species level human consciousness and increasing human capacity to fundamentally learn, educate each other, and to more efficiently and effectively work together and sustainably evolve as individuals and as a species collective.


Rapid sustainable evolution of all human civil systems, political systems and human support technologies, infrastructures and world systems of social management, development and governance.


Evolution of the process of global governance, application and usage of all newly developed and implemented technologies.


This language may be efficiently transmitted and globally learned via a software system similar to the “Rosetta Stone” language training software.


In order to affect its function, this core Language and Lexicon building organizational capability will simultaneously receive from or draw upon the following WSS example functional capacities:

  • The Global University system

  • The global transformation and change management functions

  • The software development capability

  • Pool of WSS developed coders

  • Phase 1 Think-Tank Team informational guidance and outputs

  • The quality assurance systems

  • The WSS constitution and agreement management system

  • Crowd sourced information, expertise and knowledge

  • The organizational healing system


This WSS organizational Language function will simultaneously feed or transmit information and knowledge to the following example WSS example functional capacities:


  • The WSS healing systems capability

  • The consulting capability

  • The Global University system

  • The quality assurance systems

  • Modeling of rapid evolution of affiliated organizations

  • The organizational consulting syste

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