WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

The WSS “Organizational Constitution” and Operational Rules of the Road


(i.e. WSS Organizational Incorporation Bylaws, Core Values and Operating Principles and a Complete System of Legal Boilerplate and the overall WSS Global Evolution and Transformation Support Agreement Management System and Strategy for Managed Cooperative and Collaborative Interaction with External Groups and Organizations)


(Refer to previous listing of WSS Core Values, Principles & Goals that will support this organizational function’s development).


Although vitally important to organizational function and development, these guidelines are not written in stone, and they will be rapidly changeable however only via a clearly defined, transparent and rigorous process, thus they will remain intelligently evolvable and refinable as the WSS and its networked organizations and the surrounding world develops and evolves. These clear and simple rules and values will give all WSS personnel and affiliated organizations and individuals specific and defined ways to orient themselves in interaction with the WSS in order to optimally work together for the global common good. At the same time, they will give support to clearly coordinated team interaction between all external organizations and the WSS as they all develop in concert together. Some potential examples:


  • WSS solutions development tools will not be utilized for destructive or competitive efforts

  • WSS organizational systems will remain focused on providing global solutions that will be designed and applied in ways that serve the common good of humanity.

  • WSS supported collaborative efforts will not be influenced in any phase of their development or deployment by special interests, political parties, nationalistic or populist agendas or religious influence.

  • The WSS organization operates with maximum transparency and accountability in all areas of its process and organizations, groups and individuals interacting with the WSS will match this degree of transparency in their interactive processes.

  • All legal boilerplate documents and agreements.


In addition to the above developed bylaws, legal processes and documents and systems the WSS will create and manage a complete and evolvable agreement system that supports each of the evolutionary developmental phases of the WSS and its interactions with all external entities. This agreement system will be designed to support the fluid and flexible transformation of the global species development process as it evolves, while assuring the sovereign integrity of the WSS internal and interactive organizational function. This will include management of all bartering system dynamics and crowd sourced projects and all other types of interactions between all participating WSS entities.


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