WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

In order for ongoing global species level evolution to occur successfully there must be a system of management, communication, education, healing, facilitation and guidance to this process. It could be said that the entirety of the WSS organizational model is designed to fulfill this necessary species level need. That said, there is a functional core component of the WSS tasked with this specific integrated function. Core elements of this functionality are:


  • Forecasting of detrimental developments around the world across various time scales

  • Cross functional support from the WSS education systems, the solutions development systems, the logistical systems, the software development capability, the think-tank transdisciplinary knowledge integration functions, etc.

  • The operations support and project management systems that deliver resources, information and solutions required to support human consciousness evolution and global developments.


The table below is a brief cyclic process flow description of the proposed ongoing global transformational cycle as facilitated by the WSS Phase 1 organizing processes, technologies, culture and principles. It is a brief overview model of how the global transformational and evolution supportive system of systems can fulfill this role. All of the described steps and elements of this cyclic flow are described in greater detail further along in this document. All WSS organizational components and capabilities are structurally, culturally, technologically and logistically integrated and quality data driven in their processes.


Cycle of Global Transformation of WSS Phase 1 Development:


1. The WSS is established with its full Phase 1 operational functionality and has the support of various levels of society, affiliated crowds, a council of Elders, and various powerful networked groups and factions. Then transdisciplinary information, mass-data and technological inputs constantly arrive to the Phase 1 organizational system of networked systems from all affiliated external sources, (i.e. think-tanks, research institutions, affiliated corporations, governmental institutions and global educational institutions). These informational and information management resources feed the development of the new WSS global transformation supportive lexicon and eventually a new and complete language of global change management and global consciousness evolution. The WSS educational system is constantly creating new educated affiliate resources, including teaching large numbers of software coders, at no financial cost to themselves with the agreement that they are in future willing to participate in, contribute to and support ongoing WSS software systems developments. The education system also keeps all affiliated organizations and persons operating from the latest and best synchronized information and coordinative information.


2. Preparatory inventorying, organization, categorization and preprocessing of all transdisciplinary information and convergent technology inflows occurs, along with full analysis and recording of all associated information in centralized databases designed specifically for these diverse information types in all ways necessary to support their efficient utilization and integration. This centrally stored library of transdisciplinary information and all information analysis results will be made available to all affiliated organizations and institutions.


3. Ongoing reception by the WSS of funding, technology resources, expertise resources and all other types of solutions support resources occurs and are recorded into the WSS logistical, inventory, operations support systems and project management resource inventory. This information is then accessible to all other WSS systems, including the WSS bartering system and the available expertise database and man hour recording systems that support the bartering system.


4. Ongoing WSS system reception of coordinated affiliated shared organizational expertise and support, and crowd sourced support inputs and participation. These inputs will support collaborative interaction between the WSS Central Think-Tank Team, all global affiliated organizations, think-tanks and entrepreneurial hubs operating in concert to apply information and technology to efficiently produce new knowledge, solutions, services, algorithms, processes and coordinative global plans and strategies. The WSS Core Think-Tank-Team constantly facilitates the development of a network of affiliated external think-tanks, while both integrating their informational inputs and offering them access to all WSS information. The WSS also spawns new think-tanks creates additional think-tank linkage and integration hubs to facilitate constructive concentration of quality knowledge and data. The WSS offers processes and developmental models of think-tank team acceleration of capacity and quality of consciousness to these external networked organizations. The WSS has its own entrepreneurial hub and also performs similar networking and support functions to external entrepreneurial incubators, and designs and implements new incubators globally. These integrative dynamics occur on the WSS collaboration support system platform, utilizing the WSS project management systems and solutions development tool set. These WSS systems create a highly integrated network of affiliated organizations and participants. The WSS can receive any type of contributed business model information and processes from affiliated organizations that will then be used only for the ongoing not-for-profit process of the WSS organization. This collaboration support system has the globally available capacity to create, prototype, implement and end-to-end manage complex large scale coordinated global change initiatives). This collaborative solutions developmental dynamic (collaborative solutions production engine) is supported by the WSS:


  • Think-Tank-Team

  • collaboration support systems

  • bartering systems, bartering accounting systems, available expert resource tracking & inventory and man hour tracking systems

  • agreement management systems (based on non-corruptible blockchain based technology)

  • logistical systems · project management and solutions development tool kit · educational systems · communications management systems

  • change management and quality assurance systems

  • global transformation supportive lexicon

  • WSS social healing systems


The outputs and results of these systemic and synergistic interactions are globally orchestrated solutions development and implementation, they are also equitable outputs of any type of needed resource to any selected international venues. All of these ongoing dynamics constantly feed the learning and developmental evolution of the WSS core organizational culture process. This process in turn feeds the WSS global educational system and the process of the WSS introducing its cultural processes to external organizations, social venues and institutions.


5. Ongoing and fully transparent transdisciplinary information and strategic coordinative information outflows to all affiliated organizations and groups occurs. Additionally, as contributed monies are received by the WSS they flow right back out to selected not-for-profit ventures that wish to operate in an orchestrated catalytic manner for the global common good on WSS projects or affiliated organization’s and institution’s projects.


6. Ongoing outputs of solutions, processes, developed technologies, equitably distributed resources and developed algorithms occurs, supported by the WSS communications and educational systems, and the logistical distribution and operational support management systems. These outputs of solutions can be for hire, for sale, or licensed, and all monies that result from this transaction dynamic will only be utilized for support of the ongoing WSS organizational process.


7. Global transformational strategies, methods, techniques, processes, project plans and support information and models are generated and distributed to the world to enhance coordinated collaborative unified global actions, efforts and initiatives. New social technologies and new models of organizational governance and models of global international governance develop and are distributed and implemented. Constant global systemic feedback from these solutions, information and resource distributions and implementations provides evolution support for the centralized WSS organizations development. It also simultaneously provides evolutionary support for all distributed affiliated organizations and institutions operations and projects.


8. WSS’s Patented World Transformation Operating Systems and Organizational Infrastructures and catalytic coordinative interfaces to networked organizations, groups and individuals, continues to develop and evolve. New social technologies necessary to solve world problems continue to be developed, evolved and implemented. Systemic solutions to world problems are rapidly implemented on large scales combined with mass education and facilitated global consciousness evolution and potential catastrophes are averted or managed better than they would otherwise have been. The totality of the operation of the WSS organizing dynamic and systems facilities ongoing intelligent global transformation, managed change and developments designed from the ground up to serve the common good.


9. Simultaneous mass transformational global learning and evolution of species consciousness and proactive evolution of the dynamics of effectively repurposing existing global systems for the common good.


10. All of the prior steps result in a new and sustainably manageable paradigm and a complete and optimally functional Global Transformation Operating System for complete managed global technological, social, economic and ecosystem change. This dynamic is sustained via unprecedented trans-disciplinary global networked teamwork and collaboration of individuals, organizations, corporations and nations.


And the species level global transformational cycle goes on ...

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