WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

The WSS organization will have the option of receiving contributions of, or borrowing, developed expertise, purchasing or leasing other organization’s business models, technologies, and existing off the shelf software for WSS internal operation, development, management, and change management processes. Making these contributions will benefit the contributors and the world, both directly and indirectly. All copyrights and patents associated with contributions will be respected and vigilantly protected. Without such contributions, and without the rights of contributors being protected, the creation and implementation of the large-scale solutions that are vitally important to resolve our world’s issues will likely not be efficiently feasible or even possible. These various contributions are absolutely necessary, due to the problems that the world faces, and this process of contribution will not be allowed to harm the contributing groups or corporations, nor will their contributions be allowed to be used against them, or be misused, or be applied in competition with them.


This process of requesting contributions of any kind of resource from affiliated corporations and organizations will not be driven by either any preference or desire on the part of the WSS or for the WSS’s benefit, nor for the competitive or personal benefits of any of the WSS’s affiliates. These requests will be driven by defined solutions requirements, associated with recognized and accurately validated and fact-based global needs and problems, and by the practical utility necessary to benefit the world as a whole. This policy will be strictly and immediately enforced, not to punish anyone, only to protect contributor’s rights and resources and to ensure WSS organizational integrity and optimal function in its process of solutions creation and deployment.


On the next page are 2 diagrams depicting numerous potential and beneficial collaboration scenarios supported by contributions and coordinated efforts from many different organizational sources, seamlessly working together, in order to generate integrated and complete solutions to large scale global problems. At first glance it may seem challenging to accept these very necessary team efforts and potentials as practical and valid future options and as models for ongoing global management dynamics. That said, it is vital to begin envisioning them as necessary realities now, so that these solutions and capabilities will be ready, practiced and in place precisely when they are most needed. This is true because our future global situations are likely to soon literally be so dire, large-scale and rapidly unfolding as to make this suggested type of collaboration between previous competitors and previously for-profit only ventures absolutely necessary. In such large-scale challenging situations, reactively addressing them after they have begun to generate dysfunction, even with “after the fact” team efforts between many nations, and after they have begun to produce global network dysfunctions, will not be an effective option. Denial of this truth will only cause more problems.


This proposed approach is our world’s most effective and constructive way forward as a nations, corporations, peoples and as a species. Just one concrete and present moment example of these future challenges we will soon experience are the profound, incredibly painful and deadly global effects of the Novel Corona Virus global pandemic. The Corona Virus is proving the case for proactive and preemptive generation of collaborative and integrated solutions efforts that are supported from many existing sources and venues. This unfortunate global pandemic has taken much of the world, including the United States governmental systems that are supposed to protect their citizens, effectively by surprise. This has occurred in spite of many experts having communicated for many years that this very situation is an inevitable result of our world being so very intimately and physically connected. This situation is also occurring in spite of previous epidemics of SARS, MERS and EBOLA; therefore, we must collectively wake up and take preemptive corrective action now. We must recognize fully the influences in our world that actively or passively resist transformation and global evolution to our collective detriment, call them out and require their transformation at this crucial time in human history. These influences can be no more than human populations collectively wanting to hold onto a dysfunctional societal and global status-quo, due to subconscious fear of fundamental change.


Our current global collective situation is proving the case for the creation of a system of networked systems designed specifically to facilitate existing organizations and institutions to rapidly and dynamically reorganize, transform and effectively work together for the common good before other problems occur in the future, so that we are provably, effectively and transparently prepared to handle them in the most efficient and least costly ways. We can no longer afford to wait for world governments, that are barely capable of managing world business as usual, to play “catch up” with these imminent threats and realities. We must take conscious decisive action now! This proposed action will require resources from many sources, this is just a fact of life.

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