WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

WSS Convergent Technologies Concentrator and Integrator:


A WSS organizational structure and core capability that constantly researches, locates and then creatively integrates existing, emerging and potentially convergent technologies from around the world. These technologies are integrated with acquired research information by a group tasked with integrating them in new and more functionally useful ways. This process will create more useful and functional capabilities than any of the individual technologies could manifest on their own. (i.e. The sum of the parts is greater than any of the individual components). This WSS capability and process can include integration of multiple software programs to create far more complex and powerful software systems.


The integration of these convergent technologies and acquired research knowledge will then be used to generate globally applicable solutions that are a combination of several new technologies. An example of such a construct is a cell phone, or a computer, both of which are combinations of several other pre-existing and potentially convergent technologies.


This WSS organizational “front-end technology evaluation mechanism” operates to bring in, and to do a “triage evaluation” of, and to understand and organize these new and emerging technologies for potential use by the rest of the WSS organizational processes and by affiliated networked groups, as well as to directly produce finished solutions and products for WSS distribution and implementation. This front-end evaluation group would also inform the rest of the WSS in regard to newly emerging technologies in order to keep them constantly aware of the evolution, timing and availability of new technologies.


Front End Technology and Evaluation Mechanisms


This front-end triage process supports the rapid introduction of new technologies of all kinds into the WSS organizational process and feeds the WSS solutions production engine and solutions implementation process. This capability can produce a catalyzing domino effect acceleration of


development of the WSS core think-tank team process, and potentially catalyze the development of all other WSS organizational model components. The faster the WSS organization processes information, and the faster it introduces new technologies into the WSS networked system of systems, and the faster it accelerates its own organizational learning capacity, then the faster the WSS can help to accelerate the global evolution of human consciousness and solutions production overall.


This front-end research, pre-processing and pre-organization of information related to new and emerging technologies will support the downline solutions development processes within the WSS organization. These processes will also support the focused application of organized technological resources in very intelligent, precise, coordinated and efficient ways that would not be possible otherwise, and also influences the efficacy of the process of deploying solutions globally.

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