WSS  Core Organizational Capabilities

An internal central WSS transdisciplinary think-tank research and development team that simultaneously operates as a hub for a group of external networked think-tanks: 


This team is tasked with developing its capacity for constant high-speed learning and coordinated evolution of the WSS organization as a whole, (i.e. the WSS Brain that guides the Heart process, it mimics the “coordinating sinus rhythm of the human heart” for the harmonious pumping of the WSS logistical resource distribution “heart”).


This team has the capacity to design and facilitate the design, creation, implementation and ongoing facilitated evolution and development of external networked and collaborative think-tanks around the world, which will constantly interface with the WSS Phase 1 organizational system, generating a global synchronistic networked think-tank system. The WSS think-tank team also has the capacity to operate as a concentrated integration point for the transdisciplinary information produced by many existing external think-tanks in order to synergistically integrate and synthesize the information they produce so that this information can then be efficiently and constructively re-distributed to the world.


“The way to success involves creating bonds between differing factions.”

-Oscar Cainer:


The WSS Think-Tank team will also define functional parameters for a specific new type of external think-tank coordinative management system which is designed to coordinate, evolve, integrate and orchestrate groups of existing world think-tank’s operational goals and developmental dynamics and processes. Collaborative environments for these ongoing dynamics will also be designed, created and made available to these affiliated think-tanks in order to support their efficient and efficient ongoing collaboration.


This think-tank information integration and synthesis mechanism guarantees the quality, integrity, up to date nature and completeness of the transdisciplinary information the WSS central think-tank team provides to the internal WSS organizational process and to the world. This WSS produced and organized information can then provide guidance to external organizations, institutions and nations and also constantly support the generation of new paradigms of leadership that are ergonomically appropriate in all social venues. Core to the transdisciplinary


nature and culture of the central WSS think-tank team culture is their focused and resolute willingness to egolessly and non-competitively learn from each other and to freely share with and teach each other their areas of expertise, experience and acquired knowledgebases. The larger vision of the WSS is that of all of humanity diligently teaching each other and thus enriching the future potential of our species as a whole. The educational capability of the WSS University component also supports and guarantees this global developmental and evolutionary result.


This think-tank team and its comprehensive team development support system will be designed to learn, transform and consciously evolve far faster than any group or organization in the surrounding global social, institutional, business and research environments. This team will in essence literally understand and evolve faster than the world around it can evolve, and by doing so it will evolve ahead of and “out of phase with” the world’s current rapid development and change curve. The team’s process could be looked at simplistically as a scouting mission into humanity’s future developmental options, necessary to support world leaders, societies and organizations in making wise decisions by providing them with more useful and timely information than would otherwise be available.


This dynamic of accelerated think-tank team evolution of understanding and consciousness will be made possible due to the design and construction of the “WSS think-tank team evolution support environment”. This support environment or “formative crucible” for the team’s ongoing developmental process will constantly and efficiently route all necessary pre-processed information, resources, and technologies to this think-tank team in a consistent, timely, well organized and well-coordinated manner. This team consciousness development support crucible will be consciously and intentionally prepared and precisely architected and maintained in order to facilitate, catalyze and sustain the team’s rapid evolution and learning, leading to optimal consistent team output. This team will then, in effect, operate as a transdisciplinary information integration and synthesis point. It will remain under a constant, intentional, and consciously managed degree of intelligent pressurization of the overall participating staff.


This intentional self-pressurization dynamic and conscious pressure management process will literally be trained into the organizational culture, and later be taught to other organizations. Consciously applied pressure drives optimal development, evolution and innovation. Too much pressure damages the organizational system. Consciously chosen and managed regulation of systemic pressures is just one key to optimal organizational systemic evolution and solutions development and output. Optimized orchestrated world pressure management is one key to optimally transforming our collective species process. This orchestrated pressure dynamic, based upon uniting and aligning world leaders’ efforts is just one simple part of future global leadership dynamics. Right now, the Corona Virus is giving us this “gift” of potentially practicing these potential future unifying leadership dynamics, rather than choosing separatist nationalist and populist approaches that are inevitably failure producing, because they deny the truth of our collective and unavoidable interdependence.


PhD Franklin M. Henry formulated the S.A.I.D. Principle, (i.e. Specific Adaptations for Imposed Demands) in regard to the human body’s developmental reaction to particular stressors or physical exercises. Meaning that muscles, ligament, tendons and the overall body itself reacts to stresses with reactive counterbalancing developments, (i.e. If you do many sit ups your abdominal muscles selectively develop). Whole human societies also develop via various environmental pressures and stressors. This does not always occur consciously, still it can occur consciously and for beneficial purpose, and this is our profound opportunity in the moment. (i.e. learning how to and choosing to learn, change and transform gracefully as a species).


Moving from Reactive to Proactive in times of Crisis


In our current world system model I would suggest that our human world is developing not just via our innate human motivation to create that which we want, we are also now developing in reaction to the stressors that humans themselves are creating, (i.e. pollution, population growth, virus distribution, climate change, etc.), although we are woefully behind in this reactive curve and not yet operating with adequate intelligence or resources to deal with these dire issues. A microcosm example of this human reactive process, in progress currently, is seen in how some nations have dealt with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) reactively, rather than proactively and preemptively being well prepared for it before it occurred. The next comment is controversial, and may even sound unfeeling, and is even painful to now communicate, as we of the WSS love all of humanity, still it may be fundamentally true. Paradoxically, it may in the long run actually be better for the survival of our species and for our collective learning process, and in regard to only this single pandemic, not to have been better prepared, as we humans tend to learn more from failure than we do from our successes. This is true because as nations and as human beings we have not yet been ready or perhaps able to choose to “bite the economic bullet” and optimally learn from history, to help each other and to optimally and proactively apply what we have learned from past pandemics. Healthy optimized learning is what evolves humanity, and it also keeps more people alive and well, if we can choose to learn proactively rather than reactively. This learning intention and applied dynamic must be taught and fully integrated into our societies. The WSS model is designed to do this service, the alternative is to learn from the school of hard knocks.


There have been many papers written on the high probability of near-term global pandemics, as well as detailed plans written to prepare for them within the United States. It appears that these plans have been either ignored or not effectively implemented by the United States and in some other nations. This is not meant as a criticism, it is merely a necessary description of a process of unfoldment of the pandemic. Now we are, as a world, trying to play catch up to our new global reality, and this chosen dynamic is killing people and has the potential to crash our global economic systems in addition to causing mass casualties and untold long-term suffering. I would therefore suggest that it is in our species best interest to learn every possible lesson, (especially transdisciplinary lessons) from this current pandemic, and that we then immediately apply these lessons learned not only to all future potential pandemics, but that we also collectively apply them to all other potential global crisis planning and strategizing scenarios in a transdisciplinary preemptive manner. Only through this type of proactive approach can we choose to design “cross-crisis solutions” that actually forestall these negative potential futures.


There is a well know dynamic related to the spread of illnesses, we could metaphorically call it the “perfect storm dynamic”. An example of this dynamic is the increase in the mortality rate from influenza if there are other illnesses already present in a human population or that occur simultaneous to the pandemic, for example typhoid or cholera in less fortunate countries or preexisting heart, lung or circulatory issues, or just natural aging in even the wealthiest countries. Domino effects of these pandemics can also be seen in economic collapse and mass starvation, which can then lead to local, regional or international violence. This said, our planet and the totality of our human world is a system of systems too. If our world has a concurrent confluence of climate change, pollution, species extinction, population increase, lack of key resources, and acidification of the oceans ALL at the same time, then there are systemic domino effects we cannot currently extrapolate the dynamics of, much less systemically address with our current technologies and “hit or miss”, sporadic, and non-optimally orchestrated approaches. So, this situation begs the question, are we unconsciously and ignorantly sowing the seeds of our own collective species fate? If so, then why are we not acting to solve it in full collective concert? If so, is there a more effective and healthier path forward (even if we must build it for ourselves)? If so, how do we choose to take it and as a species commit to it fully? It can be done! We can do it together!


“The strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars,

but rather by its ability to prevent them."

-Gene Roddenberry


All of this said, it is vital that the WSS Think-Tank Team developmental crucible and its surrounding support organization take this S.A.I.D. principle into account, as well as the systemic effects of simultaneous global crisis arising in parallel in its strategy development processes. I suggest that we develop the Core Think-Tank Team initially to operate in its developmental dynamics as a result of all the transdisciplinary informational inputs, (clear and complete understandings of all facets of current and likely future global problems), thus forming a resultant set of solutions, strategies, plans, resource pools and support infrastructures that will accurately map to our current and future global reality, and thereby effectively and preemptively help the world resolve its issues and heal itself. In addition, the team must also be designed to not merely operate from “problem resolution consciousness”, meaning that creatively developing positive and practically feasible and healthy future global developmental scenarios and strategies of attainment is another of its core functions.

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