WSS  Three Pillar Strategy

World Systems Solutions or the “WSS” vision represents a new and constantly adaptive paradigm for facilitated harmonious international collaboration, and orchestrated and accelerated healthy species consciousness evolution and transformation.  This graphic shows the three-pillar strategy that constitutes the key elements that will generate the stable bridge to our collective future and includes the following components:


  • Pillar One, The WSS Growing Global Social Movement & Engine -
    An apolitical, globally inclusive, uniting, aligning, empowering and integrating social movement that allows the good intentions, resources and abilities of humanity to be effectively and efficiently and consistently brought forth for the healing of our planet and to support the highest global common good. 

  • Pillar Two, The WSS Transformational Philosophy & Evolutionary Culture -
    A philosophy, ideology and defined path to a united healthy world culture that allows us all to collaborate, coordinate, operate and make collective decisions in a truly conscious, transparent, non-competitive dynamic that is aligned with the highest good of all humanity and the natural world we rely on.

  • Pillar Three, The WSS System of Systems & Organizational Infrastructure -
    A technology-based collaboration and global transformation support platform and organizational infrastructure to allow new ways of operating at all required scales, in all social venues and in an internationally coordinated manner.

World Systems Solutions

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